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How to subscribe:
1. Please follow this link. to land on the Wright Research smallcase website.
2. Upon opening the link, you will find a green Subscribe Now button.
3. A subscription form will open up - please enter your details i.e. Name, Email and Phone Number here.
4. Once you fill in the details, a screen will open up prompting you to login with your broker.
5. After logging in, you will see a risk profiling questionnaire that helps you to assess your risk appetite.
6. After filling in the questionnaire, you will be prompted to put in an OTP, which will be sent to the email address you mention in the subscription form.
7. The next step is to simply put in your PAN details
8. Now choose the subscription plan, apply the promo code you received through the email and make the payment for the subscription.

After making the payment for the subscription - you will be able to see the Invest Now option.

How to invest:
While investing, you can also choose to either invest a lump sum amount or start a SIP.
You can invest in any amount greater than or equal to the minimum investment amount.

Setting up a SIP:
You can also set up a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) for your smallcases on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
The SIP orders will not be placed automatically and will require you to place orders each time an installment is due.